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Have I purchased fake Phantoms?

We certainly hope not! As our products are being outsourced from many different parts of Pakistan, the chances of purchasing counterfeit products are high. The best way to ensure you’re getting the authentic PhantomRepublic product is to shop on the / 

Each product is assigned a unique UPC / GTIN; the barcodes can be scanned to check the authenticity of the products. Click here to verify your PhantomRepublic products.

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Disclaimer: We do not have any official retailers or distributors. Suppose someone offers you products from PhantomRepublic, In that case, we advise that you inform our support team immediately at, and our legal team shall take necessary actions against counterfeits. Each successful verification of a counterfeiter will result in a reward; you will receive a discount coupon/gift card for one-time use on our e-store.

Do PhantomRepublic products have a warranty?

Our products are hand-made and are made to last forever. We put our blood and sweat into each product we design and manufacture. The official warranty period is one year. You can file a claim by contacting our Customer Service Team.

How do I clean my Phantoms?

We recommend cleaning your phantoms immediately after exposing them to dirt or stains for best results.
Before you begin, test the cleaning process on a hidden section of the phantoms, such as the outer edges of the tongue. This ensures that your cleaning solution will not affect the color or material.
Find our best tips for cleaning your phantoms below. (Hint: NEVER wash in the washer and dryer!)
To clean canvas, leather/synthetic Phantoms:
First, remove any excess dirt before cleaning the outsole. Once removed, use a damp cloth and a mix of lukewarm water with mild soap to rub the phantoms in the affected areas gently. When satisfied with the results, air dry your shoes at room temperature.
To clean suede Phantoms:
Due to the type of material suede consists of, we do not recommend using water in the cleaning process. Instead, remove the excess dirt with a suede brush.
To dry Phantoms:
Regardless of which style of Phantoms you’re cleaning, we suggest allowing your phantoms to air dry at room temperature. Stuff cleaned shoes with paper to maintain the shape, occasionally changing the form throughout the drying process. To prolong the life of your phantoms, do not apply direct heat.


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